Perfect Solution for Medical Transcription
- Pricing Lower than 35% US local rates
- Best Quality in less Turn Around Time
- HIPPA Compliance
Our goal is to provide Reliable, Affordable and Timely solution to your transcription needs.
Confidentiality of your information is extremely important to us. Our security standards adhere to the Federal Reserve HIPPA and Standards.
Our clients not only prefer and refer Infosoft Medical Transcrition Services, they think we have the PERFECT SOLUTION !!
We impart a comprehensive Medical training to our candidates, in keeping with the American Association for Medical Transcription (AAMT) curriculum and guidelines. They are also coached in medical terminology, Human anatomy, diseases, surgical Procedures, drugs as well as particular transcription-related software to enhance quality and productivity.

Infosoft technologies provide five months training. In first three months we teach theory and practical and in the consecutive two months we give on the job training to our students. In on the job training the students are exposed to dummy files for first 15 days than live files later on.
  • We provide 100% job guarantee to all the students on successful completion of the training.
  • We take weekly and monthly test of all the students and if one is liable to give productivity of 500 lines with an accuracy of 90 % in a sift of 8 hours, we are giving them immediate placement.
  • Incase the students are not able to meet the above scores, we are giving them some extra time to practice and meet the above requirements.
  • There is a huge shortage of Medical Transcriptionist in Delhi and NCR. All trained medical transcriptionist are picked by the medical transcription production centers immediately after or in between training.
Medical Transcription Training Details
1. Theory
» Introduction » Genitourinary System
» Human Body - Basic
» Gynecology & obstetrics
» Medical Terminology - Basic
» Orthopedics
» Dermatology
» Neurology
» Opthalmology
» Endocrinology
» Ortophinolarynygology
» Immunology, Lymphatics & Hematology
» Pulmonology
» Punctutaion
» Cardiology
» Grammar
» Grastroenterology » Common Errors
2. Practical
     A. Typing
» Alphabetical Words
» Drills
» Alphabets & punctuation
     B. Formating
» Types of Format
Transcription Guideline
Generel Rules of Formating
Basic Medical Transcription (BMT)
» Dermatology
» Opthalmology
» Pulmonology
» Ent
» Cardio
Advance Medical transcription (AMT)
» Gastrology
» Orthopedics
Exposure to Live File
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