Perfect Solution for Medical Transcription
- Pricing Lower than 35% US local rates
- Best Quality in less Turn Around Time
- HIPPA Compliance
Our goal is to provide Reliable, Affordable and Timely solution to your transcription needs.
Confidentiality of your information is extremely important to us. Our security standards adhere to the Federal Reserve HIPPA and Standards.
Our clients not only prefer and refer Infosoft Medical Transcrition Services, they think we have the PERFECT SOLUTION !!
"There is more work than transcriptionists in USA can handle," said a spokesperson of the American Association for Medical Transcription, of the industry estimated to produce revenues up to $20 billion a year. "There are a quarter of million people in USA doing this work, and it is not enough."
Benefits of outsourcing
  • A well-trained transcriptionist in India earns a fraction of the cost of his or her U.S. counterpart.
  • Outsourcing streamlines without sacrificing quality.
  • Cut costs
  • Pass on the savings
  • Channel savings into areas of critical need
  • Less Overtime
  • Focus on doing what doctors and hospitals do best: care for patients.
  • Channel financial savings from non-essential functions to strengthen medical function.
  • Improve profitability and performance.
Pay less, bill out at higher rates. Taking advantage of Internet speed and the near half day time difference between India and the United States, skilled transcriptionists in India type dictation while America sleeps and ship it back electronically by morning.
It is well said by 'The Wall Street guru' Peter Durker
"The productivity of support work is not likely to go up, unless it is possible to be promoted into senior management for doing a good job at it. This can only happen if the work is done by separate free standing enterprise."
The Indian Scenario
The virtual age that allows services to be provided from e-enabled locations, across international borders has arrived.
India currently has the best value proposition of all IT enabled services' hubs, closely followed by Ireland.
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